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Estidama, which means ‘sustainability’ in Arabic, is Abu Dhabi’s contribution to the global discussion of how to create more sustainable communities, cities and global enterprises. It is the result of a clear political vision that is intended to balance environmental, economic, cultural and social imperatives in pursuit of a higher quality of life for all living things.

Estidama is the first program of its kind that is tailored to the mid-east region. It was conceived to initially support the realisation of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, under the direction of Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, the agency responsible for the Future of Abu Dhabi’s urban environments, and in collaboration with a number of government agencies and developers who share a common vision to transform Abu Dhabi into a model of sustainable urbanization in the region.

Estidama’s philosophy is based on four pillars of sustainability, environmental, economic, social, and cultural. These underpin Estidama’s multidimensional approach to the implementation of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 (source:, 2008).