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International Capital Trading

A leader in Abu Dhabi business environment, International Capital Trading (ICT) is a private company that owns and operates substantial assets in real estate and investments throughout the world.

ICT’s real estate projects span a large spectrum, from residential communities to commercial hubs and tourist attractions; each initiative strategically situated to enhance the country’s urban expansion plans. The company collaborates with Abu Dhabi governmental entities, contributing major initiatives and complementing existing ones, all towards the realization of the vision for Abu Dhabi 2030.

An important partner for ICT is the Urban Planning Council (UPC) of Abu Dhabi which has introduced the “Principles of Estidama,” philosophy and blueprint that will transform the emirate using an entirely new and holistic way of achieving healthy sustainability.

Estidama is intended to achieve sustainable goals and aspirations that are well rounded and expressed across Abu Dhabi society on multiple tiers. These include education standards, making wise investment choices and safeguarding the health of the emirate’s land and marine ecosystems, thereby creating sustainable sourcing of food and water.

ICT’s commercial principles are guided by the vision of Sheikh Zayed, and steeped in his love and devotion to his people. Projects and investments are evaluated and selected on the basis of their impact on the social and economic development of Abu Dhabi. As part of its partnerships with Abu Dhabi government, ICT focuses on the development of a desirable and highly liveable Abu Dhabi that supports a diversified economy while enhancing connectivity, and by opening up public spaces. The projects are aimed at nurturing environmental sustainability while safeguarding and preserving Abu Dhabi’s unique culture and traditions.

Sustainability is a vital principle for all of ICT’s projects. It permeates the company’s culture as each project is honed continuously to meet ever rising standards of conservation, including environmental, energy, waste disposal and efficiency measures.

While ICT operates as a private company ensuring its investments are profitable, the entity’s ethical interests lie in establishing and nurturing long-term, sound and sustainable developments that serve the community and complement the emirate’s long term growth vision of Abu Dhabi 2030.